Vanroyce 420 ET 1993 2 Berth Caravan£2,900


Vanroyce 420 ET 1993 2 Berth Caravan £2900

SALE PRICE – £2,900

This caravan is one with a rare layout. It is a two berth model with an end kitchen and washroom.

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The layout has a kitchen at the rear of the caravan, with a gas cooker and a sink. There is a fridge, but this is next to the entrance door. The washroom is also at the rear, and this is opposite the kitchen, and has a cassette toilet, drop down wash basin and shower. moving to the front, there is a large wardrobe in the centre, and there are a pair of parallel seats at the very front. These can be turned into a large and comfortable double bed.

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We can provide delivery of the Caravan from £50 after we have received full payment.

Please note the following: We can check the Gas and Electric
and Appliances depending on deal options
otherwise the following applies;

Chassis/ Hitch or Brakes not checked
240Volt / 12Volt including lights not checked
Gas not checked
Plumbing not checked
Appliances not checked
There may be some damp
Tyres not checked

No guarantee is offered or implied with sale

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