ABI Marauder 380 1987£1,400


2EKEW01A two berth caravan with an end kitchen and washroom. It is in reasonable condition,  but the caravan does have some damp issues..

The layout has a washroom in the corner of the caravan with a cassette toilet and drop down sink. There is a kitchen also at the rear, and this has a gas burner, and a gas gril,, and a fridge powered of both gas and electric. There is a wardrobe next to the washroom, and seats at the front have a chest of drawers between them, and these seats can be joined together to make a large comfortable double bed.

Please note that this is a cold water only caravan, but it does have a gas fire.

This is a trade caravan, sold as seen. Oldham Caravans will carry out no checks whatsoever and no warranty is provided. No guarantee is offered or implied with sale. Please review the photographs or visit our site at Oldham before buying.